First 5G-XR summit in the tallest building in China

In August 18, 2019, from the 119th floor of the Shanghai Center, the 5G+XR exhibition of creative technology came to the forefront.

The round table forum of “5G+XR financial innovation and application development” was successfully held.

As the first exhibition of “5G+XR Creative Science and Technology Exhibition at the Top of the City”, the goal was to promote the development of 5G innovative applications and virtual reality XR to the public, and promote the innovation of XR technology and industry in 5G environment.

Today, the 5G+XR financial solution jointly launched by Yushi Finance and VLAVR is the first deep integration and innovation of virtual reality technology and financial industry in the 5G environment in China.

At today’s launch ceremony, a “5G+XR Financial Innovation and Application Development” Round Table Forum was held. ZTE XR experts Zhu Fang, Yushi Finance Vice President Chen Xing, Nanjing Ruiyue Vice President Liu Ruifeng, Dalong Yun Vice President Wen Bin, VLAVR CEO Zhang Yue and other professionals discussed 5G+XR in the industry, especially in financial services.

Scenarios for data visualization were a hotly discussed topic.

With the full development of 5G commercialized layout in the future, the large-scale application of virtual reality technology will be launched soon. At present, virtual reality technology has gradually entered the fields of scientific research, teaching, games, e-commerce and finance. The financial industry, which is highly integrated with the frontier science and technology, will inevitably face tremendous changes brought about by virtual reality technology.

According to industry insiders, the future of virtual reality technology for banks, insurance, securities, trusts and funds and other financial institutions is very promising.

In recent years, financial institutions have attached great importance to the application of new technology in new business, no longer limited to the development of business outlets, all kinds of unmanned platforms, more and more applications of unmanned equipment.

Virtual banks have emerged in foreign countries. With glasses, customers can handle all kinds of business and save a lot of processing time. Such virtual equipment is expected to spread to families.

Supported by 5G technology in the future, it can break through the geographical location restrictions of business outlets. Customers can handle all kinds of business without leaving their home, which will greatly improve the business boundaries of future financial institutions. This also means that for financial institutions, only providing XR products to customers can enable customers to enjoy efficient and convenient financial services.

With the accelerated incoming of 5G technology, thematurity of virtual reality technology and products, and the continuous optimization of financial services will usher in explosive growth.

Yushi Finance is a financial technology company focusing on the development of AI investment technology, which regards quantitative investment research as its core competitiveness and is born out of the quantitative investment team which once ranked first in domestic performance.

VLAVRis an enterprise that focuses on the development and operation of virtual reality applications. At the summit of Shanghai, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop the next generation of financial solutions based on 5G + XR technology, which is of great significance.